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 Hello readers :) today's post is about a gift and as I promised in my insta post it's here : Gift is a tale  of Ross and Gale Ross was expecting a shoe Gale did something that made her dream come true He gifted her a boat as travelling was her dream and not monotony filled life of a robot She travelled miles away  He gave her space anyway  Soon she reached a city  stuck in the city  for 3 days  she felt pity not for the citizen  but for her indecision badly she was missing him but the new city had all leisure and whim she thought whole night and in those days  there was no technological device wrote a letter and kept it precise I LOVE YOU it stated  and ROSS read it and understood her dilemma  which her heart has created soon he reached there  together they invented a  new way which was a secret which was only their after this there was no more longings as for month they did not have  to be distant or loose their sense of belongings now Ross realized  understanding was the gif
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 Hello readers :) I am back and that too in a happy zone as finally I am doing something productive loosing myself in the tough job scenario I learned a lot finally writing my this experience which was similar to roller coaster in  a poetry form. Although I don't believe in sharing  whose experience it was but I am telling you all this so that even you all can believe in positivity and god :) Dream came true  when the  first job was no longer due challenges were a part of it indeed but bent upon not giving up I continued to learn as it was learning experience not just only a mere need then suddenly  pandemic happened  I was slowly losing hope and a miracle happened placed in a big brand finally I thought I was reaching closer to my dreams my health played the devil here once again  I was losing my strength once again I had lost sunbeam Lost amidst the roads confused I tried to change the track  not knowing waiting for me was a bigger trap lost all hope at this stage  filled with fr


 Hello readers writing my blog after 1 month  so here is a new one Trying to break the chain but still efforts got in vain hate the damage caused in our daily lives ruckus in career choices is poking with sharp knives  my dream my passion my sole inspiration lost between the roads  my dream seems so abroad hope the vaccine vaccinates the vicious voracious virus soon people be open to a life that is desirous   


Hello readers :) made two new sketches   practicing for perfection constructive feedback is welcomed  thankyou in advance 


Hello readers :) I have written today's post from another new experience I am writing this for anybody who is being questioned by world for being straightforward labelling them as fake just to let you know you are not alone there are more people like you who are in this and trust me never stop being yourself  do not explain anything to anyone  no matter  today is not the best time of your life use your intensity in establishing you and things around yourself you will find your happiness sooner or later .  THERE IS A SMALL FIGHT  REMAIN SILENT AND BE UPTIGHT  DIPLOMACY IS THE ART ONE NEEDS TO MASTER BUT THE ARTIST WITH OPINIONS FINDS THIS TO BE A DISASTER DEPTH  STRAIGHTFORWARDEDNESS AMBITIONS  QUARRELS WITH DIPLOMACY  AS THE FORMER IS THEIR INBORN POSSESSION  THE ARTIST MAY FIND THE BALANCE SOONER OR LATER  TILL THEN THEY WILL BE TERMED AS FAKE EXAGERATOR


Hello bello readers today's post is my newly clicked photograph edited it with Prisma and applied both effects as I liked both :p hope you all like it Love SHRUTI (RAAE)   


Hello bello readers my today's post is a poetry about  constant  : Wine or dine  mood swings seven or nine  baby still be mine worldly blabber unnecessary chatter all make sense with you because you matter tired of waiting  world is full of absurd rating  unwanted dating  My dear possession procrastinate no longer my heart is fragile it can't be any more stronger  I wish to be protected I wish to be respected  My dear constant  enter my shady world make it important :)